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Jefferson Riverport International remains one of the premier industrial parks in the nation. Riverport is growing, and we have room for your business to grow.


Riverport is served by all municipal utilities. The Louisville Water Company provides water to Jefferson Riverport at approximately 80+ pounds per square inch (psi). Individual sites are typically served by 12-inch or 16-inch mains. Supplies of both electricity and gas are ample for large industrial operations. Rates on both are among the lowest in the country. The Metropolitan Sewer District provides service to the development specifically designed to accomodate industrial users.


Land at Riverport is level to very gently rolling. The soils are alluvial in nature and are very well suited to providing support for building foundations and pavements. The sandy nature of the soil and the fact that bedrock is approximately 100 feet below the ground surface allow inexpensive and proven cost-effective construction methods. The soil-bearing capacity is between 2500 and 3500 pounds per square foot (psf). Soil samples have been taken from a number of sites throughout Riverport Phases 1 through 4 and these reports are available for review.

Taxation and Incentives

Riverport is located in Jefferson County which has some of the lowest property taxes in the country. Tax estimates and comparisons with other communities can be made with sufficient data. The data required for preparing tax estimates includes investment costs in land and buildings, manufacturing and non-manufacturing machinery costs, furniture and fixed costs, estimates of inventory of finished goods, goods-in-process, raw material inventory, accounts receivable and taxable income before federal taxes. If all data is not available, some assumptions can be made and a comparison provided.

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